Sacred (Kenzie/Gennaro No.3), by Dennis Lehane

In the third of the Kenzie-Gennaro novels, Patrick and Angie are hired by a dying billionaire, Trevor Stone, to find his daughter, Desiree, who has disappeared, unable, it seems, to bear the grief of a series of tragedies that have befallen her in recent months – most recently her father’s own impending death. In pursuing the case they follow the trail of Jay Becker, a fellow private investigator and friend who had trained Patrick but who has himself gone missing while seeking the missing Desiree.

The investigation takes them to Florida where, in spite of the sunshine and pastel colours, the darkness gathers.

The Catholic themes of the earlier Kenzie-Gennaro novels are less emphasized in this book. In their place there is a fast moving and exceptionally twisty story, where little is what it initially seems, and Patrick and Angie only have each other to depend on.

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