The rules

therules1. If you want authority take responsibility.
2. Always keep your woman happy.
3. The price of wisdom is failure.
4. It is better to ask forgiveness than seek permission.
5. The possibility of death or injury to those you are responsible for outweighs the probability of death or injury to those you want to help.
6. Always remember the scores you should settle.
7. Always consider the possibility that the best use for a sacred cow may be skinning and eating it.
8. Never hit anyone unless they are not going to get up from it.
9. It is being accepting rather than assertive that tends to get you killed.
10. Don’t shoot the prisoners.
11. Doubt is a virtue.
12. Necessity clarifies the fights that are required.
13. It’s not how hard you can hit that matters but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.

14. It takes as much energy to think as it does to panic. So it’s better to think: Panic kills.

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